Capture damage to your business

Captur helps subscription-based companies resolve damage, both to their rented assets and reputations.

8,000 properties

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1,500 vehicles

protected by Captur

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Why teams choose Captur 

When it comes to managing repairs, there’s nothing worse than disputing who is responsible.


We help teams capture evidence, source quotes, and track repairs. Because the faster issues get resolved, the more money you'll save and the happier your customers will be.

Easy-to-use, right away

Get started from day one capturing, sharing, and tracking issues with a visual audit log

✔️  Mobile and desktop web apps

✔️  No integration or download needed

✔️  Real-time notifications

Transparent collaboration

One central source for team members, individuals, and professionals, gives everyone piece-of-mind

✔️  Save time gathering information

✔️  Request multiple quotes at once

✔️  Share link for anyone to review

AI-based triaging

As you use Captur, we learn how to automatically identify and prioritise issues for you

✔️  Flag issues as soon as they occur

✔️  Automatically detect damage within photos

✔️  Prioritise based on the type of repair


The whole team is seeing the same information and there's a massive comfort in knowing that that information isn't being lost.


- Charlotte, Rider Support Team

Captur is straightforward and user-friendly even to the not so tech-savvy. We are able to share multiple photos with different people simultaneously.



- Bianca, Repairs Team

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