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Captur helps teams see how their rentals are being used, provide remote support, and resolve issues faster.

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faster reporting, vs. email or help lines


time saved per week resolving tickets


reports captured

Zero friction for your customers.
No app, sign-up, or emails.

Live charts

Protect your brand

Captur photos directly from your customers before, during and after each rental. So there are no surprises.

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Support your customers

See what's wrong before you even speak to customers. Build trust with a transparent process.

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Scale your operations

Get real-time updates from the field, with photos captured by anyone, anywhere, on any device

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"The whole team is seeing the same information and there's a massive comfort in knowing that that information isn't lost."


Rider Support Team


The interface is nice and easy to navigate and we are processing images much faster than ever before. We can do 5 to 1 tickets comparing Captur to Google Sheets.”


Customer Support Team


What you can do with visual evidence

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Custom guides help you get the photos you need directly from anyone, so you can provide remote support or appraisals.

Solve issues

Immediately spot the issue, with visual tags on each image. Then triage automatically, with our AI-based damage detection.

Spot trends

Dashboards help you visualise what issues are happening where, with heat-maps of hot spots.

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