Captur it, share it, fix it

Capture what's wrong the minute your customers need your help. With better, more reliable photo evidence.

Trusted by best-in-class customer support teams, their customers, and professionals,

with over 2,700 records captured 


Start by requesting photos

Simply send a link and anyone, anywhere can take photos. No app download. Works on any device.

Captur and share evidence 

Automatically saved to your team workspace. 

Share with multiple people at once via a link.

Track actions, fix issues

Track all responses and actions with a complete audit log for each record. Compare photos before/after. 

Easy to use, faster than email, no app needed

"The whole team is seeing the same information and there's a massive comfort in knowing that that information isn't being lost."

- Charlotte, Rider Support Team at Buzzbike

Built for teams managing rentals, to protect

both your physical assets and company reputation

8,000 properties

protected by Captur



1,500 vehicles

protected by Captur

Adam Caar


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Why teams choose Captur 

When it comes to managing repairs, there’s nothing worse than disputing who is responsible.


We help teams capture evidence, source quotes, and track repairs. Because the faster issues get resolved, the more money you'll save and the happier your customers will be.


One tool for everyone

✔️  Works across mobile and desktop

✔️  Access based on team member,           customer, and professional roles

No app required

✔️  Request photos via email or link

✔️  Share evidence with anyone, no         login or app needed

Trusted evidence

✔️  Time, date, and location recorded

✔️  Goodness score guides users to         take better quality photos

"Captur is straightforward and user-friendly even to the not so tech-savvy. We are able to share multiple photos with different people simultaneously."

- Bianca, Renter Support Team at Howsy

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