Inspired by our own experience of how frustrating it can be to sort through and label images, the Captur Slackbot automatically indexes photos shared by your team.

When a user uploads a photo to Slack, the bot will tigger a form to capture information about the image. This information is then automatically logged in a shared database, so you can gather critical data and save time when going back to reference images.

The Captur Bot is great for:

  • Teams who use smartphones to gather photo evidence

  • Teams who want to increase communication

  • Teams with a remote or gig workforce

How to Use

1️⃣ Submit a new report by typing the command /captur submit

2️⃣ Upload images and complete the form

3️⃣ Review each task and update your team on progress

List of Commands

✅Submit a new report with /captur submit

👀View report summary with /captur list


❓Get help at any time with /captur help 

🔑Finish installing the Captur Bot by entering your user id with /captur configure [id ]

Steps to Install


Signup with your name, company, and email


Click below to add the Captur Bot to Slack, and get started!


Examples of use cases for the Captur Bot include:

  • Delivery drivers documenting drop-offs / pickups

  • Car rental companies documenting damage and vehicle maintenance

  • Marketing teams documenting photos from events

  • Retailers documenting in-store displays and product defects

Anytime your employees take and share images that are critical to business operations...


For details on pricing, please email us at hello@capturphotos.com


If you have any questions or need support please email hello@capturphotos.com or type the command /captur help at anytime within Slack. 


What personal information do we collect?
When you add the Captur Bot to your Slack team we save basic information about your team (name, slack id and domain) so we can recognise the account in our application. When users interact with the Captur Bot we collect basic information from their Slack profiles (name, slack id, email, team) and any information provided by users via the report form inputs. We will never share or sell user or team information.

How do we protect your data?
Captur Bot lives on servers provided by AWS and employs best practice security standards. We use an encrypted connection to communicate with Slack servers which are also on AWS and perform regular backups which are stored on Amazon S3.


Welcome to the Captur Slackbot

We help teams communicate with photos